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“We needed a cleaning company that we could trust, provided quality work, cared about relationships, and communicated well. 
First Class gave us all of that and more!”

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Headquartered in Louisville, KY, First Class Commercial Cleaning is dedicated to delivering the highest level of professional and quality cleaning services to its clients. With a focus on integrity and reliability, they strive to provide consistent and dependable service that surpasses industry standards.

Founded by John Disselkamp, a respected native Louisvillian and former banker, First Class Commercial Cleaning was born out of a desire to address the lack of quality cleaning and attention to detail in professional office environments. John’s commitment to exceptional service and meticulousness sets the company apart from its competitors.

At First Class Commercial Cleaning, hard work, dependability, and unwavering attention to detail are key values that drive their success. John and his dedicated team are dedicated to delivering superior quality and service to every client.

Discover the First Class Difference and experience their exceptional service firsthand.